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Nicolas is the most solution-oriented developer I have ever worked with. He has impeccable work ethics and communication skills; qualities that make him a bright standout in his industry.

With his professional and human approach, Nicolas helped me clarify, structure and realize my project. His support and intelligent suggestions helped me to stay aligned with my goals and to develop my workflow.

I was setting up a Kickstarter campaign and asking Nicolas to support me with the process was the best decision. He was really helpful, open-minded and truly creative in navigating through the whole process. Most importantly, he asked the right questions!

I’ve worked with Nicolas for quite a long time now. He’s always very competent, very quick and just generally a very kind & thoughtful person to work with. Anytime someone asks me for a web designer, I recommend him.

How can I help you with your project?

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I help individuals and businesses build digital products, develop their brand and improve their workflow in a sustainable way.

I offer Consulting along with Design & Development services.

With 20 years of experience in the field and the successful production of a myriad of digital products, my priority is to effectively guide my clients through planning, designing and developing their product.

From selecting the right platform to utilizing the right tools, there’s a world of options out there, and the decision-making process can be overwhelming.

My objective is to help my clients navigate those alternatives with a sense of direction, clarity and efficacy. In other words, I save them time and headaches.

Depending on the nature of the project, I undertake the development work, or I help set up the right team for it.

A Forest
Arcade Fire
Coeur de pirate
Dare To Care Records
Das Paradies
Émile Bilodeau
Erik Penny
Fanny Bloom
Find Green
Grönland Records
Grosse Boîte
Guillaume Simoneau
Jean Leloup
Jean-Marc Girard
Kenichi and The Sun
Les soeurs Boulay
Long Tall Jefferson
Marie Kruttli
Me And Oceans
Milian Otto
Nada Sounddesign
One Minute for Earth
Singleton Ogilvy Interactive
Sony Classical Germany
Talking to Turtles
Terra Ultima
The Laundry
The Pill Pedal
Vision Bakery
Warner Bros. Australia
Wooden Peak

Wisdom in Disguise

When self-consciousness stands in the way of our full potential.

We’ve been hiding something with great care and shame. We’ve been playing younger, acting innocent and naive. But under our shallow disguise, we’re wiser than we think we are.


The Reward Is the Problem

The true meaning of a Dopamine Detox.

A few weeks ago, while procrastinating (admittedly), I stumbled upon a piece of content on Dopamine Detox. Google wanted me to see it, so I went along. The concept is simple but not necessarily easy for anyone to put in practice.

The idea goes as follows: by removing all sources of “excitement” usually linked to procrastination, e.g. social media, Netflix, gaming and so on, an individual can rehabilitate their dopamine management system.

Regulating the dopamine response is believed to help us get rid...


Algorithms Are the New Religion

Personalized content is shaping us, not shaped for us.

Spotify has been a significant player in reshaping the music industry over the last decade. As a musician who’s released a lot of music since 2006, I could use this opportunity to criticize Spotify’s policies or its royalty rates, but that’s not why I’m writing today.

Instead, I’m sharing my thoughts as a user and music lover who’s lost the precious sense of proactively listening to music and who’s being force-fed “predicted to be liked” songs that only validate a sophisticated...


The Surrender Experiment

The amazing life of Michael Singer.

I only recently discovered the work of Michael Singer and was completely blown away by the power of his message. The author of the New York Times bestseller, “The Untethered Soul” published an autobiographical essay titled “The Surrender Experiment” in 2016.

Singer writes about how he’s learned to completely let go of control in his life, of control “on” his life, and how he’s learned to live with what life offered him, every day, in full acceptance.

You would imagine that his...


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